DRDP (2015) Reports Systems for Special Education

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Reports System Graphic

This diagram describes the path of DRDP (2015) data back to teachers, administrators, and for federal reporting.

Diagram shows that DRDP (2015) child assessment data* can be entered into Local Education Agencies’ (LEAs) Management Information Systems (MIS) or directly into the DRAccessReports system. Data can be exported from the MIS and imported to DRAccessReports. Child reports can be produced from the DRAccessReports system. LEAs upload their MIS data to CASEMIS (California Special Education Management Information System) for DRDP semi-annual certified data collection. CDE sends data to the Desired Results Access Project which produces the Indicator 7 portion of the State Performance Plan (SPP), Annual Performance Report (APR). CDE sends final report to the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP). These results are also shared through the Indicator 7 Reports for LEAs website.

*Applies to DRDP (2015) assessments conducted by Special Education Teachers or Special Education Service Providers

Teachers can:

Access child-level reports of their assessments by creating an account at DRAccessReports.org

Transfer DRDP (2015) results entered into the local MIS by exporting the records from the MIS (it should create an Excel file you can save) and then importing the file into DRAccessReports.

Track children’s progress towards the preschool learning foundations, plan instruction, inform IFSP and IEP descriptions of development and performance, inform IFSP or IEP goals, and share developmental progress with families.

Administrators Can:

Track teachers’ progress in submitting DRDP results using the administrator report on DRAccessReports.org

View your SELPA or school district reports for Indicator 7 compared to the state’s results at indicator7reports.draccess.org

The Desired Results Access Project:

Develops an aggregate report based on DRDP data submitted by each SELPA. The report describes the progress of preschool children for three child outcomes (Indicator 7) for the CDE’s State Performance Plan (SPP). For more information about this process, please refer to SPP Indicator 7 – Linking the DRDP (2015) to Federal Child Outcomes: draccess.org/SPPindicator7Linking.html

Sponsors a reports website to provide psychometrically valid child-level reports to teachers: DRAccessReports.org

Sponsors an Indicator 7 website to provide reports for local education agencies (LEAs): indicator7reports.draccess.org

The California Department of Education, Special Education Division (CDE/SED):

Submits the SPP to OSEP.

Publishes the entire SPP annually for the public.
View California’s SPP/APR at cde.ca.gov/sp/se/qa