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State-level Results by Group and Year

This page displays the SELPA-level results for the current year. To view results for each child outcome, click on the "Outcome" tabs at the top of the table. To view results for multiple years, click the "Multi-Year Report" icon next to the SELPA name. To view the district-level results for a SELPA, select a SELPA by clicking on the SELPA name.

Outcome C. Taking action to meet needs, which includes feeding, dressing, self-care, and following rules related to health and safety.
  • Summary Statement C.1: Of those children who entered the program below age expectations in each outcome, the percent who substantially increased their rate of growth by the time they turned 6 years of age or exited the program.
  • Summary Statement C.2: The percent of children who were functioning within age expectations in each outcome by the time they turned 6 years of age or exited the program.

Multi-year Outcome Results for State of California Visual Impairment

Years Total Children Exited* Summary
Statement C.1
Difference from
State Target (76.70%)
Statement C.2
Difference from
State Target (79.50%)
2019 – 2020 67 72.73 -3.97 61.19 -18.31
2018 – 2019 59 65.63 -10.07 62.71 -15.69
2017 – 2018 75 63.33 -11.37 68.00 -9.50
2016 – 2017 122 68.09 -5.61 59.84 -16.66
2015 – 2016 113 53.66 -21.34 49.56 -29.44

State of California Visual Impairment Results Compared to State Target Over Time