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The Desired Results Developmental Profile access (DRDP access) Instrument

The DRDP access is used two times per year to assess all children, birth to five, who receive special education services from LEAs.

Information Page revised for fall 2014
The Information Page/Rating Record has been revised for the fall of 2014:

  • Field #14, special education enrollment, has been moved to field #1.
  • Field #16 has been added for entering the fall or spring assessment cycle and year.

Update your DRDP access Manual booklet with this guide.

PDF (1mb, English)DRDP access Manual (fall 2014)
The full version of the instrument, including detailed instructions, descriptions of adaptations, the Information Page, and the Rating Record.

PDF (90kb, English)DRDP access Information Page/Rating Record (fall 2014)
The Information Page and Rating Record are required for reporting DRDP access results for each child.
Download the Interactive PDF Form 

PDF (4.3mb, English)User's Guide to the DRDP access Assessment System for Preschool Special Education
This Guide contains essential information on how to use the DRDP access to observe, assess, and report on the development of preschool children with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). The fourth edition includes new information and tools for special education teachers, service providers, and administrators. Through this introductory page, the guide can be downloaded as a PDF, printed as a bindable booklet with a color cover, or read as a web page.

For more information:

Visit the Data Submission page for more information about reporting DRDP access results.



Last updated: 10/29/2014