About Desired Results Access Project

Mission Statement: The Desired Results Access Project believes that educators and the families they serve flourish when supported with integrity, professionalism, and responsiveness. By providing educators and families with high-quality professional learning, technical assistance, and data to make informed decisions, young children receiving special education services will achieve the outcomes needed to thrive and progress.

Describes how the Desired Results Access Project promotes positive child outcomes for children by supporting early intervention and early childhood special education to implement the Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP) and link DRDP results to high quality instruction.

A brochure describing the DR Access Project and services provided, the DRDP instrument and benefits. Read online or print double-sized and fold in three parts.

A document explaining how the DRDP (2015) helps to assure that California has a coordinated system working toward the same successful developmental outcomes, benefiting teachers and service providers, program administrators, and families.

This document defines common abbreviations associated with fields of early intervention, early childhood education, and early childhood special education that are used in the Desired Results Access Project’s documents and resources.