DRDP Assessment Timeline

On this page you will find a chart of the general timelines for submitting DRDP (2015) data to the SELPA and to DRAccessData, as well as postcards outlining DRDP (2015) submission dates.

Interactive tutorial: DRDP 2015 data submission timeline for Special Education

General Timelines for Special Education DRDP
Data Collection and Reporting

Assessment Period General Period for Observation and Documentation General Period to Submit DRDP Data to SELPA Date by which SELPAs Must Submit Data to DRAccessData
Fall Oct. 1 – Jan. 1 December – January February 1
Spring March 1 – June 1 May – June July 1

Note: These dates are general – consult your program administrator for the specific dates for your program.

DRDP Timeline for Early Intervention and Preschool Special Education

DRDP Timeline for Early Intervention and Preschool Special Education

Get Started:

  • Identify eligible children to assess. Children must begin special education services before October 1 for the fall assessment and before March 1 for the spring assessment.
  • Check with your administrator about when and where to submit your DRDP (2015) Rating Records.

Complete the DRDP (2015) for Each Eligible Child:

  • Observe and document children’s skills on the DRDP (2015) measures throughout the fall and spring.
  • In the six-week period before your SELPA’s fall and spring deadlines, focus on the measures for which you do not have sufficient observations and documentation. Observations should be current with a child’s skills.
  • Complete an Information Page/Rating Record for each eligible child.

Produce Reports of Results:

  • Using SEIS or SIRAS? For each assessment period, export your DRDP records into DRAccessReports.org.
  • Produce DRDP (2015) reports for children at any time to plan instruction; inform goals, outcomes, and learning targets; share with families; and track progress.

Download PDF of Timeline postcard