Information for Families

Family members participate as members of the IEP or IFSP team, and in that role, participate in determining the appropriate adaptations for the DRDP (2015). Families can also share observations of their child’s skills that will assist assessors in rating the Measures. This page offers useful resources for assisting families to understand and participate in the DRDP (2015).

You may have heard the terms DRDP, DRDP (2015), or Desired Results from your child’s teacher, caregiver, early interventionist, or special education provider. This document describes what these terms mean for you and your child.

An overview of the research findings that suggest parents’ observations are reliable and valid and should be considered an essential component of a comprehensive assessment process.

Tal vez ya haya escuchado al representante de intervención temprana, maestro de su niño(a), o proveedor de servicios mencionar los términos Perfil de Desarrollo de Resultados Deseados, Desired Results, o DRDP. Este documento describe lo que estos términos significan para usted y su niño(a).

Los resultado de la investigación sugieren que las observaciones de los padres son confiables y válidas y deberían considerarse como un componente esencial para el proceso de una evaluación comprensiva.

For more information

Common Abbreviations used by the Desired Results Access Project
Common abbreviations associated with fields of early intervention, early childhood education, and early childhood special education that are used in the Desired Results Access Project’s documents and resources.

All About Young Children
A website for families describing skills that help children learn, including how they learn language, about feelings and relationships, about numbers, how they become skillful at moving their bodies. (Available in eight different languages.)

MAP to Inclusion and Belonging’s list of resources for families by county
The California MAP to Inclusion & Belonging website lists resources for families including local Special Education Local Plan Areas (SELPAs), regional centers, Head start programs, and Family Resource Centers. The resources are organized by county for easy access.

California Early Start Central Directory of Early Intervention Resources For Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities and Their Families
The Early Start Central Directory ensures that parents, family members, service providers, and members of the public, including those with disabilities, can access information about early intervention resources available throughout the state in a timely and organized manner, and that Information regarding the nature and scope of these resources is available through telephone or written requests at state and local levels.