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Peer Reference Report Guidance for Special Education

The DRDP (2015) Peer Reference Report provides special education teachers with information about a child’s development relative to a sample of same-age peers, and indicates areas of strength and for further support. The report, used together with other DRDP reports, helps special educators write developmental updates, support individualized instruction, and make curricular modifications.

Printed DRDP (2015) Now Available

Printed and bound DRDP (2015) manualsThe DRDP (2015) printed manual can now be ordered and shipped to you! The Preschool Fundamental and Infant/Toddler View manuals are available bound and in three color options: full color, black and white, or black and white inside with color cover. Use the links below to place your order on our printer's site.

As always, these manuals are, and will continue to be, available to you as a free download in PDF format to use on your computer or have printed using a service of your choice.


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